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This company carries out its activity in the field of export, import and preparation of food products such as saffron, vegetables and caviar with the highest quality and modern method into the storefronts and hypermarkets of Europe. This company has started its branding activity by using the world’s standards and has a global perspective.

Global communication and improvement of the product quality level of the brands under the collection are in the intellectual priority and ideation of the managers of this company. Also, all the efforts to build the brand identity represent a quality entry into the global showcase.

The main activity of the brand is in Sweden and there is a direct connection between the special products of the Middle East and the European market.

Our Products

Saffron is a spice that is red in color and has a distinct aroma and taste. It is widely used in cooking and is known for its many health benefits

Caviar is a luxury food item made from the eggs of sturgeon fish. It is known for its unique flavor and texture and is often served as a high-end appetizer.

Blue salt, also known as Persian Blue salt, is a special type of salt sourced from Iran. It is known for its distinctive blue color and high mineral content, which makes it a healthier alternative to regular table salt.

Dried fruit is a popular snack that is made by removing the water content from fresh fruit. It is a convenient and healthy snack option, as it is high in fiber and contains important vitamins and minerals.

Persian rice is a type of long-grain rice that is known for its fluffy texture and nutty flavor. It is often served alongside meat or vegetables in traditional Persian cuisine.



Blue Salt

Dried Fruit

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